Civil Law

Aleksić & Associates strives to serve the needs of all people in our community. Our experienced team of lawyers advises clients in all types of civil law matters. We provide representation, legal counselling, and legal opinions in judicial, extrajudicial and arbitrary proceedings, including the protection of rights before domestic, foreign or international courts and arbitration chambers.

We also prepare contracts and interpretation services in the area of civil law and in other legal matters involving foreign legal elements, including:


  • Compensation of material and immaterial damages incurred from accident-related injuries;
  • Injuries at the workplace and workplace-related injuries;
  • Compensation of damage sustained by vehicles and other property;
  • Compensation of damage incurred by death of a closely related person, harm to one’s dignity and reputation, violation of personal freedom and freedom of speech;
  • Compensation of damages resulting from violation of copyrights and intellectual property rights;
  • Preparation and interpretation of binding contracts;
  • Legal protection regarding binding contracts that are not adhered to;
  • Marital and family disputes;
  • Preparation of testaments, hereditary-legal contracts and probate proceedings