Criminal law

Criminal Law has been a central aspect of our legal expertise since the firm was founded. From preventative counselling, criminal defence and appeals, we offer skilled, practical and effective support in all types of criminal law proceedings.

Our criminal law team provides advice and representation to clients on all punitive-legal matters, including:

  • Criminal procedures
  • Misdemeanour proceedings
  • White collar crime procedures

Our clients can depend on our criminal lawyers to be available to them 24/7 for legal consultation. We take a systematic approach to every case and our lawyers are particularly known for their skill and ability in preparing strategic, sensible and tenacious defence cases, strategically tailored in accordance with the clients desired outcome. It is our top priority to ensure that our clients exercise their legal rights and get the justice that they deserve.

Our team works in synergy with our corporate law practice to provide comprehensive legal representation to clients faced with corporate crime allegations. Our experienced team coordinates fact-finding and discovery efforts to put forth a sophisticated view of the situation a client faces and to provide appropriate options for addressing it. In white-collar crime cases, we provide the following services:


  • Getting insight into the case files,
  • Oral and written legal advice and opinions,
  • Defence in all stages of criminal proceedings,
  • Invoking legal remedies for the entire duration of the proceedings,
  • Advocating the interests of legal entities damaged in bankruptcy proceedings trough punishable acts committed by other entities/persons;
  • Filing petitions for merging penalties and deletion of convictions.